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A tent or a drapery system for outdoor or indoorit’s an architectural components that blend with the building, our thirty years of experience gained to Fabiani knowledge of the quality and solutions for every needs.



The Fabiani structures and sistems, they are assembled and manufactured with high standards and knowledge. Our tents feature with high technical and mechanical characteristics are guaranteed.













The team prepared whit knowledge is able to manage and resolve every requests by the consultation service that the shop of Trieste offer to the public.


The projcts of Fabiani on measure and the artifacts are the result of knowledge and practical experience, gained in the work experience in the city and in a province for large and small sizes by high standards criteria.


The experience of Fabiani, 30 years, can find, design and realize on measure, all the solutions for every enviroment and all the situations that they present for internal or external situations.

By the design and the material research.

And the knowldge of the region with the specific condition of Trieste with their specific regulations, that the city live by the wind, create the practical and the extetical they are supported by practical and aesthetic with quality assurance.